Sprocket gets a haircut!

Yeesh. Just look at this mop!


An absolute mess


Matted tail. Shameful.


Who would let their dog get into such shape?! Oh right… that’s my dog.

We need to fix this, and fast.

First, the pre-clip. Let’s get rid of as much fur as possible before tub time!


That’s a little better.


Getting there…


Alright, NOW we can have a bath! And a dry, and lots of brushing before clipping, scissoring and combing.


Much better, yes? I had to leave the beard and ears, I love them so. But now he can see, his feet don’t look like rags and he looks a lot happier!

Ella conquers her ramp


Like many giant breeds, Ella needs a ramp to get in and out of cars. She is reluctant to use hers, however, and my guess is that the ramp flexing under her weight when it is fully extended scares her. This means that every car ride is a struggle. In the past, Ella’s people have been stuck in the vet’s parking lot for as long as 45 minutes trying to lure Ella up the ramp and into the car! They have been doing a great job practicing with the ramp propped up on the back patio, but the rise isn’t very tall and we needed to get Ella used to using the ramp when it flexes.

Today we set it up on the front steps, which are much steeper and allowed us to extend the ramp fully. Click below to see this brave girl go! Next week we will attempt getting into the car and I’m feeling good about our chances!

  Ella on her ramp

The Poodle

Oh, to have oodles of poodles! Curly, fluffy, fancy prancing poodles! Black, white, apricot, harlequin, gray, and more, you can have a poodle of nearly any color and in all sizes from giant to teensy.

These brilliant beauties originated in Germany (where they are called “Pudel”, meaning “to splash about in the water”. How cute is that!) but were standardized in France and became so popular there that poodles were named the national breed.

From largest to smallest, poodles are bred in the following sizes:

  • Standard: which weighs in at up to 70lbs for males and stand up to 27″ tall at the shoulders
  • Miniature: coming in at 17lbs on the high end and measuring up to 15″
  • Toy: tiny guys who weigh between 6 and 9lbs and are up to 10″ tall.
  • Teacup: not an officially recognized variation, but they are certainly out there! These fellas are a scant 9″ tall at most and weigh under 6lbs.

Standard poodles are “gun dogs”, meant to retrieve downed birds from the water using their webbed feet to swim quickly to the prey and return it to their handler. Smart, tenacious and highly trainable, Standards were also in war as early as WWII.

Miniature poodles were occasionally used to forage for truffles, but as with the toy size, were mostly meant to be charming companions for fancy ladies.

This breed must take the award for largest variety of possible haircuts. The Continental Clip leaves the dog with pom poms (also called rosettes) on her hips and ankles and sporting a big bouffant on the head with a giant puff on the end of her tail. Bikini Clips are less dramatic, with the dog having short (but not shaved) fur with small poms left at the ankles. There is a Town and Country Clip, which gives the poodle fluffy legs, tail and head but with a closely trimmed body, a Puppy Clip, English Saddle Clip, Sporting Cuts, and on and on and on! Some people even opt to”cord” the coat, similar to a Puli. With a dog this gorgeous, you can style him any way you like and he will steal the show.

Clever, active, and distinctive, poodles of any size win my heart!