Scratch Boards

If your dog resists having his claws clipped try teaching him to file them down himself! A scratch board is easily built with either 120 grit sandpaper or slip-proof tape (the sort used on stair edges) and a plank of wood of a reasonable size for your dog. Wrap the sandpaper around the edges of the board and secure with a staple gun or adhesive, making sure that the corners aren’t sharp and the dog won’t be pawing over the staples.

Grab your clicker and some treats and reward your dog for first investigating, then touching the board. When he places a paw on it, click that a few times and stop. In your next session, click only for paw touches, then hold your click until he leaves his foot on the board for a longer period of time or drags it across the surface. Keep going in this way over the course of several short training sessions until he gives you good swipes with contact between nails and board. Make a game of it and in no time you’ll have a dog that does his own pedicures!

For more information about claw care, including how to condition your pup to accept nail trims, call us!


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