Successful Grooms Start at Home!

Every step of putting Fido’s Gray Dog Grooming together was taken with an eye on the comfort and safety of the dogs that come to visit us, but did you know there are several things you can do to set your dog up for a successful groom before it’s time for his haircut?

First, come say hi before it’s grooming time! Bring Fido in to eat a treat, scope the space, and meet me before I need to put him in the tub. Starting with a low key visit helps dogs feel more comfortable in the salon. Scheduling a nail trim or a brush out is also a good first visit that doesn’t include the intensive handling of a full groom.

Does your dog get anxious in new situations? A calming supplement like ProQuiet or melatonin might help take the edge off. If your dog takes medication for anxiety, time the dosage around his appointment. This goes for pain medication, as well. Giving his regular pain pill in advance of the visit will help preempt the soreness that can come from the gentle manipulation of lifting paws and moving limbs. Speak with your vet to see if an additional dose is advised before or after the groom.

Exercise before the appointment is also advised! A dog who has burned some energy off will feel calmer.

When it’s time to drop Fido off, make a low key exit. After we chat about what your dog needs that day, say goodbye calmy and go without a dramatic farewell. I know you may feel guilty leaving him or nervous about how things will go but I promise your dog is in safe hands with me! A big goodbye worries your dog, who wonders why you are upset. Almost every dog is fine within minutes of their person leaving, and I let the nervous ones acclimate for a bit before putting them on the table.

Finally, keep up on brushing at home and make regular appointments! If every visit with me includes dematting or a shave down your dog is going to dread the sight of our building because it means they’re in for a lengthy visit. Frequent visits keep your dog in better shape and make the experience faster and more pleasant for him.

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