Short Cuts for Senior Pups

A variety of grooming concerns start to crop up as our dogs age. Incontinence or lessened bladder/bowel control leads to messy hind ends, eye discharge often increases, and beards are harder to keep clean as dental health declines.

Trips to the groomer become more difficult. Standing for long periods of time is hard for arthritic backs, and having feet lifted for scissoring can make achy joints sore. Senior skin is more delicate and prone to brush burn, which makes picking out mats less tolerable.

For all of these reasons, I often suggest short cuts for our senior friends. Taking coats down short means less brushing, either in the salon or at home, and eliminates the possibility of painful mats. Closely clipped back ends are much easier to keep clean, and tight muzzles reduce smelly build up that is offensive to sensitive canine noses.

Going short allows you to monitor changes in any lumps and bumps, and lets you spot new growths right away. It also lets heat therapy and pain relieving massage to be more effective.

Our old friends are much more comfortable with short cuts, and any temperature concerns can be addressed with a cozy sweater or warm coat.

Fido’s Gray Dog Grooming is well set up for our senior pals with a low tub and ability to groom from the floor if your dog is unable to balance on the elevated table. For appointments, or to talk about how we can make your dog comfortable and clean, please call or text Sarah at 248-854-5540