Sprocket gets a haircut!

Yeesh. Just look at this mop!


An absolute mess


Matted tail. Shameful.


Who would let their dog get into such shape?! Oh right… that’s my dog.

We need to fix this, and fast.

First, the pre-clip. Let’s get rid of as much fur as possible before tub time!


That’s a little better.


Getting there…


Alright, NOW we can have a bath! And a dry, and lots of brushing before clipping, scissoring and combing.


Much better, yes? I had to leave the beard and ears, I love them so. But now he can see, his feet don’t look like rags and he¬†looks a lot happier!

How does your dog chill?

Milli’s mom recently sent me some great pictures of Miss Milli hanging out in the mud, keeping cool.

muddy pup 2- Milli

Muddy pup- Milli

She looks like she’s having the time of her life! She’s a lucky girl to have a mom that lets her have so much fun.

My Sprocket and Molly recently got a wading pool to keep them cool this summer. With no air conditioning in the house and the temperature rising they’re going to need a place to refresh themselves.



Sprocket doesn’t look terribly happy, does he? He’s not a fan of having his picture taken, which bums me out because he’s such a happy guy and I wish I could capture that on film. Anyhow, he loves his new pool and jumps right in as soon as I start filling it. Molly Choo Choo? She doesn’t see the point. She’ll stand in it if I ask her to, but she doesn’t go in on her own other than to fish a cookie off the bottom. I bet she’ll change her tune once summer really gets under way. For now she’s content to lie in front of the fan or under the trees.

How do your dogs keep cool in the summer? Do they swim, find a spot in the shade, or camp out near a fan? Send me pictures of your pup chilling out and I’ll pick one at random to win a prize from Fido! Pictures go to sarah -at- fidoblog.com. Get them to me by June 30 and I’ll pick a winner that day.

PS. Muddy Milli cleans up well! Here she is after a bath, looking gorgeous!

pretty milli